11 Mai 2012 Freitag
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
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Alternative \ Easy Listening

In support of “Bound for Glory”, Peasant will be touring Europe with a full band starting 5 April 2012. Damien now twenty five years old, and seven years deep into a prolific career, Peasant puts everything in play on “Bound for Glory”, revealing new shades and on the new album. While most of his generation is clamoring for jobs, fresh out of college and deeply in debt, DeRose is far down a well planned and strongly instinctive path.

The name Peasant came to him seven years ago at the height of the roaring 2000's, and it grows more relevant by the day as the economy and moreover the American way continues to tatter. "Bound for Glory" is the title of Woody Guthrie's legendary autobiography, an artist that while musically very different from Peasant, is also one of the deepest roots of Peasant's own thoughtful musings on life as a lover, worker, and artist in America. The album's sharp observations and thought-provoking lyrics are made addictive when mixed with it's easy, lush, and dreamy instrumentation.