22 Mai 2012 Dienstag
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Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
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Alternative \ Indie \ Rock

And Also The Trees continue their recent resurgence with the release of their new studio album 'Hunter not the Hunted’.
Following their most critically acclaimed album in their illustrious 30-year career ‘(Listen For) the Rag and Bone Man;’ and inspired by recent acoustic ventures, Hunter not the Hunted reinforces And Also The Trees’ as masters of atmosphere, melody and drama.

Recorded in the heart of England and a dilapidated house in France during an uncharacteristically cold summer, Hunter not the Hunted evokes a kaleidoscope of characters and scenes. And Also The Trees have always painted pictures with their music and lyrics, Hunter not the Hunted takes this to a new level. Singer and lyricist Simon Huw Jones creates protagonists rooted in their environment, be it by the sea, deep in the countryside or lost in an edgier urban setting. Guitarist Justin Jones illustrates his stories with delicate and intricate arrangements, developing his influential and distinctive orchestral-style guitar sound with flair and imagination – the guitar as raconteur - embracing influences from England, through Europe and on to the Mediterranean.

Demanding full attention from the listener, Hunter not the Hunted promises to take you to a timeless yet oddly familiar place, just beyond memory. Lyrically, Simon Huw Jones has never been better. His words hint of illicit and unsettling journeys mirrored by solitary walks along flooded landscapes drenched in light - his voice conveying emotions that permeate and resonate with each telling; sometimes soaring, sometimes deadpan. Emer Brizzolara on dulcimer provides shimmering accompaniment, with drums, double bass and percussion used to great effect to illustrate the isolation.

And Also The Trees present ‘Hunter not the Hunted’ as an entire ‘novel’ of an album. The album’s subtle shadowed beauty and intense quality are a result of recent intimate live shows in bizarre spaces, where the proximity of the audience enveloping the band, created a unique and magical feel reflected in this work. Hunter not the Hunted breathes and pulsates with its own pace. Essentially original, complex yet sparse, this is an album greedy for a contemplative audience whose likes could bring to mind the works of Mark Hollis, Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker, Marc Ribot or Patrick Watson.