09 Mär 2010 Dienstag
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Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
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Pop \ Electro \ Rock

Few things in life are more satisfying than your favourite band making the album you always wanted them to make. Shy Child?s latest album, ?Liquid Love?, is everything you hoped it would be ? rich, tuneful, adventurous, and utterly enchanting. Swaddled in electronic production and synthesisers, ?Liquid Love? offers the kind of twinklingly elegant pop that many will welcome after the hectic shrill of ?Noise Won?t Stop?. If that album felt rather eager to please, ?Liquid Love? has a warmth and friendliness about it, an easy-going harmonious groove that courses through a suite of tremendous new tunes, from ?Criss Cross? and ?Open Up the Sky? into ?Dark Destiny? and ?E.S.P?. Producing sparkling pop of such exceedlingly high quality, Shy Child sound like a completely different band, revitalised and, arguably, wiser.